Diagnosing Change

The organizational undercurrent

Rob van Es

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Diagnosing Change is an introduction into organizational diagnostics with an emphasis on the most difficult type of change process: bottomup change. What sets this book apart is that it presents its subject matter in a visually attractive and unique way, by using artwork as a primary medium. By analyzing 26 paintings and lithographs, 19 films and 11 poems, this publication introduces the reader to the practice of diagnosing change. The result is a clear diagnostic tool grounded in cinematic technique which uses terminology such as: zooming in, zooming out, close-up and elements of the screenplay. The diagnostic model has been proven effective for actual use. It was developed with input from more than 500 diagnostic processes the author was involved in.

Diagnosing Change is also published in Dutch: Veranderdiagnose
Diagnosing Change had also a workbook: The Organization Undercurrent


About the autor

Dr. Rob van Es (1955) is a university lecturer in Organizational Philosophy at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam (UvA). He researches and teaches organizational culture, ethics and politics. He is also a lecturer at the interdisciplinary school of Film & Science at the UvA. His consultancy firm vanSvision works for various business clients and government agencies. Van Es is also a trainer/lecturer for Sioo, the inter-university center for organizational change in Utrecht.

Rob van Es




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