Leadership in the digital world

Ralf Knegtmans, Ylva Poelman

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Leadership in the digital world

Digital technology is not only rapidly changing the world in which we live, it is also making it increasingly complex. In Leadership in the Digital World Ralf Knegtmans and Ylva Poelman explore the consequences of digitisation for organisations and the traits this requires in leaders. When they started working on the book, their perspectives were diametrically opposed. This makes their book a compelling search for answers that lie somewhere in the middle.

As Managing Partner of a leading executive search firm, Knegtmans questions whether top business leaders are prepared for the huge impact digital technology will have on business and society. As an independent innovation consultant, Poelman adopts a different approach: this is not the first time humanity has had to adapt to major change. Those who were astute enough could have prepared for the digital revolution well in advance.

Leadership in a Digital Age is a thorough quest into challenges all businesses will be facing, such as: Does the digital age call for a new kind of leader? Or will artificial intelligence eliminate the need for leadership? Why will future leaders be faced with the delicate balancing act of combining both exploration and exploitation? To find answers to these questions, the authors spoke to leaders and experts in fields ranging from recruitment and banking to psychology and retail.

The result: a stimulating book that explains what digitisation involves, the impact it will have on business and how the digital revolution will affect the search for the right leaders. Leadership in the Digital World concludes with a discussion of the traits leaders will need in today’s new world and explains how leaders can effectively develop these competencies.


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