49 Tools for Learning & Development

Jan Rijken, Nick van Dam

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In the 49 L&D Toolbook, Nick van Dam and Jan Rijken provide a unique compendium to support L&D professionals in their roles. The 49 tools are organized by chapter, including:
• L&D Strategy
• L&D Governance and Operating Model
• L&D Design and Delivery
• L&D Enablement
• L&D Measurement and Impact
• L&D Lifelong learning.

Each of the 49 tools addresses a relevant, urgent, everyday L&D question, providing an explanation of the opportunity as well as best practices for applying the tool, all structured in three to five easy-to-read pages and paired with clear visuals. Superbly researched, science based, passionately crafted and filled with practical techniques based on decades of experience, the 49 L&D Toolbox is a must-have on the desk of every L&D professional.

“A must-read for L&D professionals! Nick and Jan have created a valuable resource covering so many areas from the strategic tot the operational. Packed full of guidance, frameworks and models, this is a useful reference tool for everyone in learning!”
Simon Brown, Chief Learning Offiver, Novartis

“Nick van Dam and Jan Rijken have written THE definitive playbook for L&D professionals. They are answering EVERY question that L&D and business leaders might have on how to design and develop learning that drives individual and organizational performance. “
Stacey Dietsch, Partner, People & Organizational Performance Practice, McKinsey & Company

“Rapid changes enabled by technology are reaching into every field of work – markets, products and processes – and will create massive opportunities for new and different jobs. The learning profession is at the heart of whether these opportunities are realised by people and organisations, and ensuring that the changing world of work benefits everyone in society. This book will help every L&D professional to meet these challenges.”
Tim Munden, Chief Learning Officer, Unilever

“The nature of work is changing, fast. Organizations are challenged with continuously reskilling the workforce and changing the way we think about L&D is paramount to making that happen. Learning professionals at all levels will be better positioned to accelerate years of much needed L&D transformation by applying these 49 practical tools.”
Brian Doegen – Principal, Global L&D, Amazon

“49 Tools is a timely and valuable read for any L&D professional. The authors thoughtfully summarize key challenges in corporate learning, and offer easy-to-acces, well-researched methods to support and insprire L&D practitioners in a rapidly changing environment. The superb questions and tools covered in each chapter provide an excellent starting point for both students and seasoned learning leaders interested in reimagining L&D for a post-pandemic world.”
Lisa Kaufman, Sr. Global Learning & Development Manager, Google

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