Society 4.0

Resolving eight key issues to build a citizens society

Prof. dr. Bob de Wit

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SOCIETY 4.0: Resolving eight key issues to build a citizens society is meant to provide inspiration for those who wish to build a vital and hopeful future for the next generations. In envisioning a different and better society, Bob de Wit explores the emerging possibilities of new technologies, collects and examines ‘weak signals’ and evaluates numerous new societal initiatives and future visions.

Bob de Wit aims to inspire readers to join his venture and build a ‘Citizens Society’. Bob has opened the webpage to build a citizens community and create a citizens society for the future.


‘This book is a timely warning of the major societal risks posed by technological developments in the long run. Corporate leaders should pay heed to the analyses and observations in this book and take on the responsibility for building a better society.’

Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende
Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands (2002 – 2010); Professor of Governance,
Institutions and Internationalization, Erasmus University Rotterdam; External Senior
Advisor to EY; chairman of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition

‘The world of tomorrow requires us to ‘look differently’ at ourselves today. This book invites you to consider the issues facing us as a society from a new perspective.’

Trudy Huisman
Chairman of the Economic Board Zwolle Region; non-executive board member of
several organisations; former Executive Director of Rabobank

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