The Corporate Athlete

Managing (yourself) under pressure

dhr. Alain Goudsmet


A heavy workload, too many overtime hours, the continuous threat of cutbacks, deadlines, priorities, urgencies … how do you keep your head above water? The need for creative and innovative thinking forces us to “illness” prove that many people tap too deeply into their mental, emotional and physical reserves!

This book gives insight into the mechanism of high sustained performance. The authors provide numerous practical tips to help break through the daily grind of stress and to achieve excellence without wasting energy. They show that the solutions are simple and within easy reach. Every employee can be and train to become a ‘Corporate Athlete’.

And you? Are you a Corporate Athlete or a Corporate Kamikaze?

Alain Goudsmet, Director of the European Institute for Health and Performance:

  • Post graduate training doctrine
  • Post graduate management, Solvay Business School (ULB)
  • Special diploma in Human Management, ICHEC (Brussels)
  • Faculty at INSEAD – Fontainebleau

Koen Gonnissen Lic., Director of Mentally Fit:

  • Master in Classical Philology, KULeuven
  • Post graduate in physiology
  • Trainer and Captain of het Belgian men’s Davis Cup Team (1993-1999)
  • Executive trainer and coach

In oktober 2010 verschijnt de compleet nieuwe druk van de Nederlandstalige editie.

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